Exon Biyotek
About Us

EXON BİYOTEK was established in order to provide solutions to problems that await human, animal and plant health, food quality and safety with biotechnological approaches and to support institutions and organizations that want to work in this field. Our company carries out active projects on the subjects such as the establishment of breeding programs supported by molecular techniques in plants, the integration of genetic approaches to breeding programs that will enable the choice of parents and characters in plant and animal breeding, molecular identification of beneficial and harmful microorganisms, and works in cooperation with different institutions in this field. The development of molecular and antibody-based diagnostic kits that will enable rapid and precise diagnosis of human pathogenic microorganisms in the human health field is among the priorities of our research team. It is one of our primary priorities to present the products developed by biotechnology companies, which are the leaders of their field in the world, to the researchers in our country, to introduce them to researchers in our country without losing time from the latest trends in biotechnology and to contribute to their use in their projects.